Selling Process

Our skilled business brokers can evaluate your business and help you determine a selling price that is suitable for both you and potential buyers, accountants, and banks if you are interested in selling your business. Our goal is to assist you in preparing your business for sale, guiding you through the process, and advocating for you to ensure that you obtain the best possible sale outcome.

Step 1

This initial consultation is an important step to understand your business and your goals for selling it. During the meeting, the broker will gather information about your business, including financials, operations, and any unique aspects that would be of interest to potential buyers. Based on this information, the broker will create a plan to market your business and showcase its strengths in the most favorable way possible.

Step 2

Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of the sale of any business. By not disclosing the name of your business, potential buyers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before they are given access to the detailed information about your business. This helps to protect your business from competitors or other parties who may use the information in a way that is not in your best interest.

Step 3

Before sharing the professional business profile with an interested party, confidentiality agreements are signed to ensure the protection of sensitive information in the case of potential buyer interest.

Step 4

After you have given approval for interested buyers, we will meet with them to have a detailed discussion about your business and negotiate the sale terms together.

Step 5

When a buyer presents an offer that is accepted by you, we proceed to conduct Due Diligence and engage your solicitor to help in creating a sales agreement.